Binance IEO News: Perlin Listing Announced

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Binance has announced the latest project set to be listed on their IEO platform. Perlin (PERL) is about 16 days away from having its IEO on Binance. The Perlin project is set to improve transaction rates between wallets and make onboarding simpler.

According to various sources, Perlin already conducted their pre-sale in 2018. No pre-sale was held in 2019.

Participating in the IEO depends on the user meeting the guidelines set by Binance. The IEO will include a token sale and an airdrop. There will also be a lottery which will see winning tickets obtain about $500 worth of Perlin (PERL) tokens. More details on the IEO is available on Binance.

Perlin Project Is Next Project On Binance’s IEO Platform

The Perlin project focuses on solving the problem of scalability and onboarding. Scalability and onboarding issues have slowed down the adoption of blockchain technology. Perlin tailored its platform to offer supposedly the fastest TPS rates in the blockchain industry coupled with a secure onboarding system. The platform is designed to aid web 3.0 dApps which are becoming a favorite for blockchain developers.

Perlin also factored in interoperability in their platform design. Their WebAssembly (WASM) smart contracts can be written in any language while their decentralized ledger can be written once and run anywhere. These features are under Perlin’s Wavelet service.


The following are products Perlin plans to offer to their potential users:

  1. Wavelet

This is an open ledger where developers can write decentralized WebAssembly applications. The platform is secure, scalable, and transactions are immutable.

  1. Clarify

Clarify is specifically built for business that would want to improve their value chain. Data can be uploaded from various points along the value chain which your clients can view using their devices via the Perlin app.

  1. Certify

Through certify, users will be able to authenticate the products they purchase. Certify is anti-counterfeit and pro original. Ownership of goods can also be authenticated through Certify. Record keeping will be done in Certify to manage data on goods. Certify can also be integrated with Clarify to house product and value chain information under a single system.

  1. Cloudify

This is Perlin’s entry into the cloud market. Services such as data storage, private computation, and other cloud services will be done through this model. Perlin targets to deliver a platform that will charge up to 5X less what is charged by leading centralized cloud computing brands.

Through these products, Perlin hopes to grab a share of the cloud market while improving blockchain adoption for various industries globally.


Perlin has innovative ideas that could be well utilized in the industries it plans to participate in. It also has ready partners who would help in its adoption in the mainstream. The Singaporean government, among others, has also given support for the Perlin project. However, it faces some challenges that may prevent it from taking off as it envisioned.

  1. Perlin will have to face already established players. In as much as it has a great platform, there are blockchain companies that are offering similar products that have existed longer.
  2. Despite claims for the fastest TPS (31,240), Perlin has not proved the claims in real-world usage. The test done was only based on 240 nodes as per their website.


Perlin joins a list of platforms that have had their IEOs hosted on Binance. Platforms like Huobi, OKEx, and KuCoin have all been successfully hosted on Binance. Depending on its appeal, Perlin may also join the successful list of IEOs on Binance.

Please note, that Binance has announced changes to the BNB holding period for prospective buyers.


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