Bitcoin Analysis Predicts A New Cycle High Of $120K In 2022

Bitcoin by Sal Miah  | 4 months ago
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Market analyst, Crypto Wolf, recently gave his take on the future of Bitcoin based on the analysis of the price cycles Bitcoin has undergone thus far. This informs his prediction of $120k in 2022 if the next cycle follows the pattern the past three have exhibited. His forecast also takes into account the deviations that have been recorded from cycle to cycle.

Notably, cycles are getting longer as the market becomes more complicated, with new traders joining in every cycle. The ROI since the price bottom is decreasing as each bottom gets higher than the price bottom from previous cycles.

Despite the decreasing ROI, the profits are still lucrative. In his prediction, Crypto Wolf estimates a 40X price increase since the current lows (in the current cycle).

Analyses Agreement

The latest prediction on blockchain is among many of 2019, all seemingly pointing towards a higher blockchain price. What differs in these predictions are the timelines and factors that will influence the higher price.

Some expect Bitcoin to perform better in the short-term while others like Crypto Wolf establish a long-term prediction.

Increasing Variables

The analysis provided by Crypto Wolf is quite impressive. However, some are critical of the study.

The concerns highlighted in the tweet are valid. The number of variables that have to be accounted for is increasing by the day. The variables will either work towards confirming the prediction or putting it into question.

From the various predictions analysts have given, they seem positive that the increasing variables will only work to improve the price of Bitcoin.


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