Coinlib: Simplifying Crypto For The Masses

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According to Wikipedia, the combined market capitalization of cryptocurrency is more than 100 billion dollars and with growing adoption and better technologies, this valuation is expected to increase. The number of cryptocurrencies is projected to increase significantly as well.

As an inexperienced trader or an expert one, scraping through different aggregators trying to comb through all their cryptocurrency data lists to find the right crypto to invest in is a nightmare.

This article is focused on Coinlib, a free and easy to use aggregator tool perfect for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts.

Coinlib is capable of delivering real-time price updates and issuing accurate prediction analyses. As a trader, you can create your coin portfolio, track any updates to it using alerts, and vote for the cryptocurrencies you’re interested in.


Coinlib’s homepage provides instant crypto market updates | Source: Coinlib

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coinlib?

Inside the seemingly massive cryptocurrency exchange market, the most successful traders and firms need to use complicated, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency aggregator software if they hope to be faster and better than the competition.

Even as volumes of trade information grow every day and price spread become ever narrower, to get the best information, expert traders resort to automated crypto aggregation tools like Coinlib with optimizes and presents every relevant coin information neatly.

Coinlib has created a comprehensive solution that’s not only intuitive and feature-rich enough to be used by experts, but that’s also simple and uncomplicated to be used even by beginner traders. According to an article posted by the company, Coinlib curates the latest real-time data on prices, trades and volume from other significant exchanges even combining them with previous historical data to identify possible trends and patterns and serve trade predictions. Because all the information is organized on a single screen, traders get immediate access to all the comprehensive context, including relationships and analytics.

So What Features About Coinlib Make It Appealing?

Summed up- there is several.

Portfolio Management

As a trader, it’s common for traders to check their portfolio several times each day to track prices, asset value, and their daily performance. With Coinlib, you can take all these steps and monitor all your important information in real-time without constantly refreshing your device. You can also share your portfolio with your public audience and still be safe because Coinlib hides all your exact coin quantities and normalizes them to stop your audience from viewing the value of your entire portfolio.

Compare Tool

Using Coinlib’s proprietary comparison tool, traders can filter and choose up to 8 coins and instantly receive a thorough breakdown of how they have been performing over time. Just as the platform using the comparison tool is very quickly by checking the box you want and dragging into a time of your choosing the platform will serve up the data regarding price shifts and trade volumes with beautiful charts and graphs.

Source: Coinlib

For more complex users, the service will also provide other useful information to guide your journey such as a correlation coefficient matrix that shows you how identical or close the assets you chose to compare are to each other.

You can also stack coins and using algorithms compare their performance against another coin stack you have also created. This particular step is excellent for building portfolios.

Other useful features include the news feature, that’s a section on the site that allows you to gather or be aware of the latest news and updates on specific cryptocurrencies and a custom alert tool that buzzes you when a specific alert you had set up is active or has been triggered.

Source: Coinlib

Taking the right steps to become a successful cryptocurrency trader is quite the task. However – now with tools like Coinlib, even complete beginners have access to information only expert traders had before.

Get started by exploring their collection of over 4000 coins. It’s a free platform.


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