Craig Wright Attacks Ripple and Tron Holders – Calling Them ‘Sh*tcoins’

Cryptocurrency by Blockspectator  | 1 year ago
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Craig Wright, the always colorful and always controversial Bitcoin Cash guru, is at his polarizing behavior yet again- this time Ripple and Tron being at the end of his jibes.

The self-appointed Satoshi Nakamoto, whose academic background and ecosystem efforts have no doubt bee crucial to the development of the blockchain universe, is often overlooked due to his rather arrogant personality and as a result, is painted in a rather negative image within the community. This becomes especially prominent when he provides his own opinion on specific projects.

This week he went on another one of his blunt and somewhat offensive opinions tweeting that Ripple’s technology is “retarded.”

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Despite being the second largest project in cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of up to $13 billion, Craig Wright still is convinced otherwise and views Ripple as a ‘not good’ project.

As expected, this tweet got quite the response from the Ripple community with many attacking Wright for his controversial opinions. Not one to be deterred by community backlash, Wright picked up his offensive, this time against the community claiming, “XRP is the biggest scam in the industry. I can’t wait for a time when the sham offer will be revoked. The idea of issuing out unregistered securities and selling them to noobs who want to get rich without working is not new.”

Following his outburst against Ripple and its supporters, he next came after Tron and its community. The massive and at times rabid Tron community was not enough to stop Wright from stating, “How do you know that someone is dumber than dirt? You see them supporting TRX. Even dirt is smarter than that.”

The attacks seem to be on par for a Dr. Craig Wright attack and join his long list of lines in his very opinionated comments concerning other projects within the crypto-sphere. There were no response from the official Ripple and Tron development teams, and there is unlikely to be so, as both projects have had recent positive news concerning the development of their projects and are pushing forward with high hopes in making big statements within the community.