Ethereum To Go Through A Meteoric Ascent against Bitcoin Predicts Trader

Technical Analysis by Sal Miah  | 6 months ago
Ethereum, ETH
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Could Ethereum be preparing for a meteoric rise against Bitcoin? Well regarded trader DonAlts believes so. In a tweet that has since been lost, DonAlts recalls how he posted a chart on the Ethereum/Bitcoin price a few months back. As it stands, the chart is taking shape as posted by DonAlts.

Getting Spooky, Getting Serious

The current Ethereum/Bitcoin trend corresponds to DonAlts chart in a very “spooky” manner as he calls it in one of his recent tweets.

His first chart showed Ethereum holding on above 0.015, which remains to be the case.

Further, others are starting to notice Ethereum’s support at 0.015, even making bets to show how serious DonAlts predictions may be.

A tweet is showing a bet between two crypto traders on twitter based on a different chart analysis that corresponds with the initial analysis given by DonAlt in an earlier Twitter post.

Is History Repeating Itself?

In the past, specific trends have reoccurred more than twice, which increases their statistical chance of reoccurring.

A video showing the altcoin domination pattern highlights how the pattern was repeated six years in a row. Current trends are now suggesting that the seventh year is likely to be recorded.

Predictions and historical trends are pointing towards a common theme, the likely growth of ETH and altcoins.

Unbeknownst to many, the market may be preparing for an altcoin/ETH season in the coming months.

Only time will reveal the accuracy of predictions, and whether history will repeat itself.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay (efixil)