Five Guys Free Delivery Cashback

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“Heaven in a brown paper bag” is used by The Londoner to describe the food served by Five Guys. The fast-food chain meets the needs of thousands daily with their signature meals. Now, customers of the establishment may even get something extra with every meal they purchase! Instars will allow customers to receive exclusive discounts and offers for their Five Guys burgers via free cryptocurrency cashback.

For every purchase made at Five Guys, customers can get part of their cash back through a reward system recently introduced by the Instars team. Instars is a forward-thinking blockchain platform that is working on increasing blockchain adoption globally.

The reward is given in the form of a token that can be traded for cash or other services within the Instars ecosystem.

Earning Crypto with Five Guys Delivery

Instars introduced a rewarding new feature that will see customers of Five Guys delivery earn some of their cash back for purchasing food in the establishment.

The feature, aptly dubbed Receipt Capture, rewards Instar users for uploading receipts showing purchases they made at the establishment. The tokens earned can be traded in major cryptocurrency exchanges globally for cryptocurrency or fiat.

Each user can upload up to 3 receipts per day while using Receipt Capture. The restriction was guided by the fact that some may abuse the privilege extended by the Instars team.

The food categories covered are extensive ensuring that every meal purchased at Five Guys is eligible for a reward.

Discount Coupons with Privilege

Receipt Capture by Instars is a discount coupon like no other. Its use has no expiry thus can be used throughout the year. It applies in almost every situation with its only limitation being its 3X usage daily.

Receipt Capture can be used together with other coupons as all one needs to obtain the reward is a valid receipt confirming the purchase of food from the establishment.

Compared to other coupons, Receipt Capture has the best terms by far.

Furthermore, the feature is not prone to failures such as those seen in digitally generated discount codes. The rewards are tied to accounts instead of codes. Rewards are sent only to the account associated with the uploaded receipt.

Starting a Crypto Career

With a 3X daily limit, once could easily start a crypto career just by purchasing food from Five Guys.

Each purchase would earn rewards which can then be stored for trading or holding depending on the choice of the potential trader.

Cryptocurrency value fluctuates frequently giving holders the chance to maximize their ROI.

Profits made can then be used to expand the trader’s portfolio or to reinvest in the same asset.

The most enticing aspect of starting a crypto career in this manner is the potentially zero risk involved in the investment.

Get Rewarded in INSTAR or EOS

A lot of money is spent on food annually. If part of this money could be saved, then more can be accomplished.

With Receipt Capture, Five Guys customers can start a savings plan that involves holding their tokens until their value reaches a set target.

Rewards on the Instars platform are given in either INSTAR tokens or EOS tokens for those in the U.S

These cryptocurrencies have been performing generally well with each showing potential to rise significantly in the future. Daily uploads on the Instars platform can create a significant cryptocurrency reserve that can be traded at the appropriate time.

In line with the Receipt Capture feature, Instars has a Wallet future where the cryptocurrency earned on their platform can be stored. The wallet keeps the assets safe and secure.

As an added incentive to earn further Five Guys free cashback, Instars allows for a referral system I which customers are rewarded with more free crypto for each friend they refer to.

Apart from the good food customer get from Five Guys, Heaven in a brown paper bag may now have another meaning, the cashback from every purchase!


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