Get Ready! Matic has Several Upcoming Events Which Could Lead to Price Breaking Out

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 3 weeks ago
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Matic (MATIC) is a scalable blockchain platform built for creating decentralized applications. It adds scalability to the Ethereum network to meet the transaction demands created by decentralized applications.

The platform has been flying under the radar for quite some time; however, it may soon rank among the best as it has upcoming events that will redefine its presence in the blockchain ecosystem.

Great Fundamentals on The Horizon

MATIC looks good on paper, and this may translate to real-world value.


From the tweet, 2020 seems like an exciting year for MATIC.

One of the major events expected to improve its value tremendously is the mainnet launch that is set for March. A successful launch of Matic’s mainnet will likely translate to an increased usage of their platform. More numbers are required in the platform if MATIC’s value is to go up significantly.

The mainnet launch will create the attraction Matic desires to cement its relevance in the decentralized economy.

Further, the expected listing in top exchanges will also be advantageous to the cryptocurrency. For MATIC to trade successfully, it needs to be seen in top exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase; thus, its addition to these exchanges in 2020 will help build its reputation in the cryptocurrency industry.

Showing Bullish Signs

From the latest charts, MATIC is showing signs of an upcoming improved performance. The news surrounding its plans will play a huge role in influencing the price of the cryptocurrency upwards leading to a price breakout.


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