Huobi Prime IEO News: EMOGI Network Announced

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Huobi Prime, IEO, EMOGI
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EMOGI Network is set to be launched on Huobi Prime on Aug 15. The launch marks the fifth project to be exclusively launched on Huobi Prime since the program started.

Huobi Prime is a program by Huobi Global which aims to support and strengthen upcoming blockchain projects. The projects are assessed through a rigorous process to determine the likelihood of their success and practicality of their application in real-world use cases. After the assessment, these projects are listed on Huobi Prime, where HT holders are given a chance to purchase the platform’s tokens for a limited period exclusively.

Decentralized Content

Huobi Prime’s fifth pick intends to decentralize content creation and dissemination. Because of the constraints of centralization, content creators have found it difficult publishing what they want. Instead, they end up publishing what media houses and other central authorities dictate.

EMOGI Network will make it easier for content creators to publish what they want. The platform plans to attract content creators, content validators, and consumers. EMOGI will allow any form of media to be spread through their platform. This will depend on agreements between content creators and content validators. Content creators are elected by the EMOGI community, which ensures that content distributes as par community demands.

Content creation and distribution will also attract bounties depending on the agreement between the creator and validators. Premium content hosted on EMOGI will be purchased by consumers on the platform.


EMOGI’s plan to decentralize content is innovative; however, there are prevailing situations in the world that may hamper its plan. Despite its claim of decentralizing content, as its operations grow, it may likely be forced to centralize content based on its community’s demand.

Prime Participation Rules

There are usually rules of participation for Huobi Prime listings. The rules remain largely the same from one listing to another. However, a few changes are frequent. To participate in the EMOGI listing, follow the guidelines listed by Huobi on their platform through here.

Here are some of the rules listed:

  1. Users can buy or sell directly on Huobi Global HT zone.
  2. Participants must have a minimum of 1000HT from the last prime listing which was on July 16.
  3. Each participant will have trading limits based on the amount of HT held.
  4. A trading mechanism will be employed as explained on the Huobi

Huobi Prime has successfully listed tokens such as RSR and TOP. EMOGI may soon follow the same wel-trodden path.