Insights Network announces mainnet support for EOS

Blockchain by Blockspectator News  | 10 months ago
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Following their recent growth, Insights Network is adding support for the EOS mainnet.

Insights Network launched the INSTAR blockchain and INSTAR wallet which saw their activity increase significantly leading to their top ten ranking on Block’tivity’s list of most active platforms. Maintaining such results requires constant innovation and working strategies for any company.

Insights Network is now adding support for the EOS mainnet to increase its user activity and increase access to its services by blockchain enthusiasts and newbies alike.

The mainstream adoption of blockchain is crucial to its success. The easier it is for people to sign up the more people sign up for blockchain services.

Using the EOS mainnet is a bit tedious especially for new blockchain users. Insights Network launched the INSTAR wallet platform which is easier to use to encourage more people to join their survey platform.

Users who join the INSTAR Wallet can earn through the completion of simple tasks. The completion of surveys by users will see them get a reward in INSTAR token which they can use for Insights Network-related activities. Users can opt to open their EOS mainnet accounts through the INSTAR tokens they obtain from the INSTAR wallet service.

To meet the expectations of new users, Insights Network is focusing on remaining genuinely decentralized.

EOS Mainnet users who sign up for INSTAR wallet will have their data securely stored within their local devices, according to Insights Network. Following deployment of the Data Exchange Smart Contract on the EOS mainnet, Interaction with the smart contracts will be done via blockchain securely ensuring that the platform upholds decentralization and data security for its users.

The survey industry is essential in providing relevant data to several researchers. With the strategies being employed by Insights Network, more users are likely to join the platform. For the research industry, this means more subjects to obtain relevant data from.

As a result of the recent block producer election at INSTAR, unique blockchain data use cases and exchange features are likely to arise for INSTAR wallet and Insights Network users.