Insights Network Announces ‘Phase 2’ Development: Block Producer Registrations Now Open

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Insights Network recently announced new developments on their Medium page. The main announcement is on block production for their new INSTAR blockchain which was built using EOS.IO. INSTAR is seeking for users who are willing to register as block producers for their blockchain. Other developments in the platform have also been mentioned including their “Phase 2” plans.

The “Phase 2“ plans are strategies INSTAR put in place beyond their initial scope. This article highlights the announcements made, including the new strategy set to be implemented by the data exchange platform.

Block Producing For INSTAR

Already, based on their announcement, some block producers have registered as Block Producers for the INSTAR blockchain. The announcement lists EOSAsia and Everipedia among other block producers as having registered.

For those opting to list as block producers, the following is the procedure (for EOS Version 1.8.1):

  1. Find a history node hosted by Greymass.
  2. Message INSTAR on Telegram your desired 12-character EOS name for your block producer.
  3. Register block producer

Several New Features Announced

Final stages of INSTAR Blockchain

The following steps are soon being implemented on the INSTAR blockchain thus completing it:

  1. Opening account creation for all
  2. Enabling voting/staking for block producers.

Beyond their initial scope on its whitepaper, INSTAR worked on other projects appropriate for their platform in the ever-changing technological and business environment. These new strategies include


The feature has been in development for the past 18 months. According to INSTAR, it should be released by Q4. Secret State Data Oracles employs a primary use case among others. Through this feature, highly sensitive surveys will be conducted on the platform. Respondents will allow on the desired output to be conveyed to the surveyor. The technology will also be used for cross-blockchain transactions.


This feature will utilize Insights Network’s encryption technology to collect a user’s response data. The user will exclusively be able to see the types of responses the user gives and the type of questions asked by the user.

Source: Insights Network Medium

Survey your own panel is free for the coming month. The platform urges its users to test it out. It can be found under “Create activity” on the INSTAR dashboard.

Insights Network is implementing new services that are likely to help it maintain its user base and even increase it. The latest features are practical and appropriate for their line of service.


Featured Image Source: Insights Network Twitter