Insights Network Finishes First Round Of Token Migration

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INSTAR, Insights Network, EOS
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The initial stage of INSTAR’S token migration that began on 1st July has concluded. Every investor that took part in the exercise and paired their ERC20 to a specially assigned address should now be able to access their tokens from the INSTAR blockchain

If you’re however currently unable to access your assets, the company according to this medium article, has cited a migration operation slowdown with Greymass – as the cause of this issue.

This is because the company is currently working on migrating their history node onto an upgraded setup, no tokens will be lost though, once complete all affected users can easily access their tokens.

What The Future Holds For INSTAR Holders

Insights Network has also announced the release of the requester dashboard that allows individuals to create custom feedback projects or experiments that are used to collect feedback from their participants or clients.

That aside, Investors should also expect the Web 1.0 and the Android 2.0 token wallets to be announced soon. To cap it off, investors should also expect the Insights Network Main Net that incorporates the wallet application plus EOS open source software to be launched closely after that.

Current Investors and interested users should also prepare for a unique Blockchain Block-Producer poll that is going to be conducted within the next quarter. This exercise will be unique because, as token owners, you have voting rights that not only make you part of the inner circle but also give you useful voting rights. These rights allow investors to choose who the Block-Producer of Insight Networks privacy will be. A Block-Producer facilitates an EOS network helping to continue and even accelerate its growth.

Every interested voter will be provided with a detailed and fully aggregated document to help decide with the applicant to vote for.

INSTAR Community Vote

Insight Networks are currently running a community competition with up to 12,000 INSTAR up for grabs. Users are invited to choose a winner from a selection of custom Insights Network-orientated pictures created by the community. Voting results in users being rewarded with INSTAR tokens.

Featured Image Source: Insights Network