Instars and MakerDAO Announce Partnership to Earn Free DAI Tokens

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 1 month ago
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Instars (INSTAR) recently announced its latest partnership via its official blog. Instars and MakerDAO are now partners in the competitive blockchain ecosystem. The partnership is to help both parties improve their services while assisting each other to achieve greater success in their respective fields.

The move will also see Instars expand their reward options and platform activities. Users of the platform are the main benefactors of the new partnership.

DAI Now a Further Option for Users along With EOS

The stablecoin debuted on the Instars platform.

Having gone live, users of the Instars platform can now select Dai as their cryptocurrency of choice whenever participating in platform activities. Surveys and receipt uploads support the latest cryptocurrency on the platform, which brings the total cryptocurrency options on Instars to 3 (INSTAR, EOS, and DAI).

To kick off the partnership, Instars is running a referral promotion for USA users only. The promotion will see users earn 5 DAI (about $5 in value) for every successful referral. For a referral to be successful, the prospective referee must complete KYC and upload three receipts.

Each receipt upload will attract a 0.1-0.3 DAI reward. Users gain even more from this setup.

The rewards for receipt uploads are lower compared to those of the survey options that will soon be added. Survey opportunities sponsored by Maker Dao will be hosted on the Instars platform, increasing the earning activity choice for users of the platform.

These will have varying rewards that will likely be higher than those of receipt uploads.

For Maker Dao, debuting their stablecoin on Instars will expose them to the wide market the platform has access to.

Instars are available in 100+ countries globally. The reach it commands will create awareness for the Dai stablecoin. Moreover, Dai’s presence in Instars may spark trading of the stablecoin in exchanges globally.

Similar Visions from Both Platforms

Both Instars and Market Dao have some similarities in what they would want to achieve. The partnership between the two platforms will enable them to achieve their expected goals.

For example, both platforms share the common goal of increasing blockchain adoption. This they can achieve by complementing each other’s strengths. The partnership will allow the two platforms to reach the unbanked population in these trying economic times. Through the partnership, more people will access fair banking services.

Both Maker DAO and Instars are powered by market research and big data. These make their services complementary. Likely, some advantages of the partnership may even go unnoticed due to their similar structures and united purpose.

The INSTAR Blockchain Ecosystem Continues Growth

At the beginning of the year, Instars announced an upcoming partnership with a stablecoin. Six weeks later, Instars has delivered on one of its promises. The platform is showing that its resolutions were well thought out and planned.

By delivering on their promises, Instars is increasing the confidence its user base has on the platform. This will translate to more participation in platform activities and an increase in its user base.

Instars and MarkerDAO are not the only decentralized service providers in their respective fields. Numerous other companies provide similar services. However, the partnership between these two decentralized companies may yield healthy fruits. With complimentary services and common goals, Instars and Market DAO may have found the key to their success, each other.

For the users of these platforms, the partnership means more opportunities and chances to earn cryptocurrencies.


Featured Image Source: Instars Blog