Justin Sun Pays $4.5 million For Lunch with Warren Buffet- Surely Crypto Can Offer Better

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Warren Buffett, Justin Sun
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Warren Buffett is a long-term skeptic of cryptocurrency. He is vocal about his dislike for cryptocurrency and even went as far as calling Bitcoin a “delusion” and “rat poison squared.” For such as skeptic, changing his sentiments would be a win for the crypto community. There is a chance for Warren Buffet’s mind to be changed; however, it may have expensively fallen ofor the wrong represatitive for crypto- TRON CEO, Justin Sun.

A Very Expensive Lunch With Investment Royalty

$4.5 million for lunch is an astronomical amount; nonetheless, this is the amount crypto pioneer Justin Sun paid at a charity auction to have a sit down with Warren Buffett. It may look like a win for the crypto community on paper, but a closer analysis of how the “lunch” may transpire reveals otherwise.

Justin Sun, Warren Buffet, Tron

‘I hope this benefits everyone.’ We think it’ll definitely benefit Justin Sun and his interests | Source: Twitter

Do We Really Expect Justin Sun To Present a Balanced View of Crypto?

One of the fears of the planned lunch is the portrayal of blockchain through Justin Sun’s eyes. Considering that he is the founder and CEO of two blockchain behemoths in TRON and BitTorrent, there is a chance that the lunch may end up being an investment pitch for Warren Buffett.

Luckily, the lunch is not limited to Justin Sun alone. In his Twitter post, Justin Sun mentions that he will invite blockchain industry leaders to attend the lunch with him. The selection of the industry leaders is crucial as it may determine the success or failure of the lunch.

However, with Justin Sun leading the team, he may decide to influence it in a specific manner that may not be beneficial to the entirety of the blockchain community. Who can forget his infamous Tesla ‘giveaway’ which ironically was never actually given away.

With this lunch comes the opportunity to promote blockchain through mainstream approval by one of the industries greatest investor.

Now, Warren Buffett is a prolific businessman and investor who has probably seen it all. The tides may be changing, but his years of experience count, especially when advising on investments. With the right delivery, his mind could be swayed in a different direction concerning blockchain. As with any investor, skepticism exists with any potential investment. Research, compelling evidence, and a leap of faith are usually required before any investment is made.

It will require great wit and facts to change such a great mind.

Who Would be a Better Option Than Justin Sun?

There are reservations about Justin Sun and the team he may propose to accompany him to the lunch with Warren Buffett. In an ideal scenario, a replacement would have been made, substituting Justin Sun for not exclusively but ideally; Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee or Andreas Antonopoulos.

These three are arguably the most balanced individuals in the blockchain community. Though each has their platforms to take care of, the success of blockchain would arguably mean success for their platforms as well. They have also been innovators in the blockchain space. Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum which birthed ‘Apps and acted as the foundation for blockchain to improve on.

The lunch with Warren Buffett requires minds that will think beyond the scope of one platform. It requires thoughts that consider the future of blockchain beyond what it can accomplish now. Warren Buffet needs to hear about the revolutionary achievements blockchain has made over the years it has been in existence. Warren Buffett also needs to understand why and how cryptocurrency is crucial in the blockchain community.

Can Justin Sun deliver this? Maybe, however, most of the blockchain community would be happier if it was someone different.