Loki Continues To Make Tremendous Growth

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 6 months ago
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Loki’s (LOKI) great year continues as they register further significant growth as a project.

The team behind the platform is actively working to make positive strides in the crypto industry. In the past month, five major updates have been rolled out by the team, showing a level of dedication only seen in performing platforms.

The Loki Project

Loki focuses on delivering trade and communication with absolute freedom to its users. It achieves its objective by providing a platform which creates privacy tools enable secure transactions, anonymous communication and untraceable operations.

The project is becoming increasingly popular due to its focus on privacy in trade and communication in times when privacy is uncertain.

Using blockchain, Loki can be utilized in building privacy-centric applications. These can be online marketplaces, social media platforms, messaging services, among other privacy-related platforms.

There are currently three applications under the Loki banner. These are:

  • Loki Wallet
  • Loki Messenger Beta
  • Lokinet Beta

Impressive Growth


In the past month, Loki has experienced a growth of over 200%. Its performance is exemplary, and it shows the work that the Loki team is undertaking behind the scenes.

It could be that the growth experienced was as a result of the timely updates delivered by the Loki team. Five significant updates and more than ten developmental updates were released in the past month. These updates include:

  • Loki messenger with public chat
  • Lokinet v0.5.1
  • Loki messenger V.1.2.0 launch
  • Instant payment mechanism
  • Testnet V5.0.0
  • Loki Messenger multi-device support nearly ready

The latest updates released by Loki are documented here. Loki releases weekly updates on the improvements they make on their platform.

The 200% growth registered in less than one month is impressive. However, Loki stands to perform even more if it continues delivering excellent services to its user base.

Loki Moving Forward

Loki must capitalize on the remarkable growth it is currently experiencing. More platform growth is expected as Loki improves its services.

Future partnerships may be a good idea to explore. Loki has immense potential to change the privacy industry. The right partnerships would help it grow to greater heights.

Loki still has a long way to go. However, the future seems bright for the privacy platform.


Featured Image Source: Dapp.tech