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Pizza Hut Coupon Codes, exclusive discounts and offers are some of the retail features that loyal and casual customers are always looking for when ordering their meals, now customers can receive free cryptocurrency cashback from

Instars is currently running a campaign with the primary aim to provide a similar way of offering free cashback to customers in the form of cryptocurrency payments.

The two campaigns also show how decentralized platforms are catching up to centralized platforms in terms of features and promotions. For mass adoption to be effected, the user experience must remain at least unchanged or even better than centralized platforms. This means that companies like must be creative in capturing and retaining its users.

Coupon Codes for Meals

Pizza Hut customers are trading in coupons for part of their total bills. The coupon codes are offered by various entities online and offline which keep users hunting for the best deals. With the coupon codes, customers end up paying up to 50% off their total price.

In some cases, lucky customers end up getting free meals when they apply their coupon codes.

The catch with Pizza Hut’s coupon codes is the timeline customers have before the codes expire. Having expiry dates on coupon codes is a way of creating pressure within customers to utilize them. This, in turn, increases sales, thus helping the corporation realize its objectives.

However, in many instances, it is not always a positive experience, as the customers can often have a negative outcome. This includes:

  • Coupon codes provided may contain errors given that the codes are issued by numerous vendors.
  • Possibility of fake codes being generated, especially with codes that are issued online.
  • Various websites claim to issue Pizza Hut coupon codes. Only a small percentage of these websites issue them. This may be the cause of coupon code errors customers have to deal with at the counter.
Pizza Hut Coupon Codes,, INSTAR

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Receipt Capture allows For Free Cryptocurrency Cashback

Instars recently announced the ‘Receipt Capture’ feature on their platform. Receipt Capture is different from Pizza Hut’s coupon codes in that users are rewarded cryptocurrency for making purchases. For example, even after having used a coupon in Pizza Hut, users can still earn cryptocurrency on the platform by uploading the receipt given by the store.


The feature is an excellent way of keeping users engaged on the platform daily.

Receipt capture has only two limitations:

  • It can only be used three times daily
  • Receipts uploaded must have been issued within 24 hours before the upload.

When using Receipt capture, users are trading their receipts for money back.

The INSTAR token given as the reward can be traded in leading exchanges such as Binance and Huobi. Users, therefore, have the opportunity to make some money from uploading their receipts.

Further, the tokens can be held in wallets provided by the platform. When the targeted value of the cryptocurrency is attained, users can trade them to earn even more.

The feature can also be used as an entry into the cryptocurrency industry by those who are afraid of investing their money. Uploading their receipts can be the only investment they ever make using the platform.

Customers Can Greatly Enjoy Free Crypto for Their Meals

Recently, Instars introduced another reward option for its users in the US. Now, users in the US can decide on the cryptocurrency they would like as a reward between the two options available, INSTAR and EOS.

Having diversified their reward options, the platform has a higher chance of retaining existing users and attracting new ones.

Unlike Coupon codes, Receipt Capture offers a reward for a wide variety of purchased goods or services.

Instars offer you money back for every purchase you make regardless of the store the purchase was made in whereas Pizza Hut coupon codes only reduce your total bill by a given percentage.

To experience the opportunity to earn free cryptocurrency cashback from Instars, please follow this link.


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