Ravencoin Social Volume Increasing – Charts Show a Huge Uptrend to Begin

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 3 months ago
Ravencoin, RVN
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Social volume is a powerful indicator of the impact a product or service is having over its community. Based on Ravencoin’s (RVN) social performance in the past week, the cryptocurrency is on the verge of a possible upwards uptrend.

The increase in social volume comes at a time when Ravencoin’s price trend appears to be in an accumulation phase.

More people are watching Ravencoin and may expect its price to shift upwards soon, based on the increasing social volume.

Its potential price rise is exciting for the community. There are those, such as Crypto Bombshell, who think that Ravencoin is currently an excellent buy. If Ravencoin can reach its previous all-time high in its next phase, then it will be a win for anyone who buys it now, while its price is low.

Mainnet Update Possible Catalyst to Price Breakout

Ravencoin is set to update its mainnet which will see various features on the platform improved. Users have a more refined experience of the platform once the update is live. The update is set to roll out at the end of the year; on December 31st. Users will thus start 2020 on a Ravencoin high.

News on the update likely excited the community, which can be seen on the social volume results. Further, social engagement has also increased, indicating that Ravencoin users are getting involved with the platform and its cryptocurrency.

As the mainnet approaches, a social volume increase and price increase won’t come as a surprise. It will reflect what the community has been waiting for.


Featured Image Source: Shutterstock