Shake Shack Delivery Cashback

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For Shake Shack lovers, Christmas has arrived early! For every order made, users can get Shake Shack delivery cashback through participating in Instars’ latest earn free cryptocurrency feature- Receipt Capture.

Shake Shack delivers some of the best fast foods in the world. Now, Instars is allowing you to enjoy your meal while saving so you can have even more in the future. Any food is eligible in the feature. Be it pizza, fries, burgers or milkshakes, and Receipt Capture will reward you handsomely for your Shake Shack meals.

Earn Free Crypto with Instars

Have you ever thought about owning cryptocurrency? Well, Shake Shack delivery cashback is now making it as easy as uploading your purchase receipts!

The Receipt Capture feature on the platform allows Instars users to earn free cryptocurrency on up to 3 purchases they make in Shake Shack in one day.

Users of the platform currently earn INSTAR, the native token of the platform, whenever they use Receipt Capture. However, after the addition of EOS as a reward option in the platform, users will soon have the option of EOS or INSTAR tokens whenever they participate.

Shake Shack Delivery Coupon

Receipt Capture can be viewed as a coupon that can be used thrice daily, all year. Unlike coupons, Receipt Capture has no expiry date. All users have to do to earn their reward is to meet the guidelines given for the feature.

Moreover, since the feature depends on the legitimacy of your receipt, failure of the ‘coupon’ is highly unlikely.


How it works:

  • Registration of details on the platform
  • Purchase food on Shake Shack
  • Select paid experiences on
  • Select the food category
  • Upload receipt within 24 hours of purchase
  • Wait for the reward to appear on your dashboard

In six simple steps, you can earn discounts on up to three meals purchased at Shake Shack daily!

An Avenue for Discounts and Savings

Receipt Capture gives an endless pass on Shake Shack, which can be used as an avenue for extra savings. The entire process takes less than 3 minutes, allowing you to save while your order is being made.

The savings also grow depending on the value of the cryptocurrency being rewarded. With both INSTAR and EOS giving promising performances, users can count on the growth of their savings via these cryptocurrencies.

Further, Receipt Capture is an enticing feature that will likely bring in more INSTAR and EOS traders, thus increasing demand for the cryptocurrencies and subsequently, their value.

Shake Shak Delivery, Cashback, Instars

Shake Shack Delivery customers can now get cashback on their orders | Source: Eater

Investment Opportunity

While earning free crypto, there is the option of joining the exciting world of cryptocurrency exchanges. INSTAR and EOS may be the stepping stone for starting and expanding your investment portfolio.

With the Shake Shack delivery cashback, no money will be spent investing in cryptocurrency, therefore, making the investment risk-free with a potentially rewarding ROI in the long-term.

Users of the platform have updates on the prices of EOS and INSTAR, which investors can use to determine whether they will continue to hold or sell their earned cryptocurrency.

The platform also provides a wallet where the earned cryptocurrencies can be stored safely.

Even Better Benefits!

Receipt Capture covers a wide variety of receipt categories, which gives users more ways of earning cryptocurrency.

While commuting, users are given receipts. You can use the commuter receipt, on your way to Shake Shack, as another way of earning free cryptocurrency. has a category for ‘Other’ receipts where commuter receipts can be uploaded with users receiving cryptocurrency rewards upon verification.

So what are you waiting for?

Get on board the Shake Shack train. Upload your Shake Shack receipts.

Enjoy your hot meals while saving and investing in the future!

To fully enjoy getting cashback on your Shake Shack Delivery orders, please use this link.


Featured Image Source: Bloomberg