Shopify Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Adoption by Sal Miah  | 7 months ago
Shopify, Lightning Network, OpenNode, Bitcoin
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In a move that could help cement the presence of Bitcoin in the mainstream, Shopify is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. The payment solution is powered by the Lightning Network and is accessed from the OpenNode platform.

Many have hoped that Bitcoin will be fully integrated into mainstream networks as a valid payment option. With platforms such as the Lightning network and OpenNode working tirelessly, this vision may be finally realized.

The adoption of Bitcoin requires that payment processes through Bitcoin are made as seamless as possible. Through the lightning network and OpenNode, seamless Bitcoin payment options are now becoming a reality.

How Will It Work?

Integrating Bitcoin as a payment option through OpenNode is simple. All one needs to do is install OpenNode as a Shopify extension following these easy steps:

  1. Go to Shopify’s integration section on your dashboard
  2. Select your store and click, “Install payment ”
  3. Next, click “Choose alternative payment” and select
  4. On the next page, fill in your OpenNode account information and click, “Save.”

There are advantages of using Bitcoin as a payment option through OpenNode, which includes low rates and elimination of chargeback fraud.

Lightning Network Continues Its Progress

The Lightning Network is engaged in various integration activities that put Bitcoin on the world map.

Earlier in the year, the Lightning network was implemented as an enabler in the Fold platform thus allowing users to make payments on Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks. Shopify is the latest addition of platforms integrating Bitcoin payments through lightning.

More Bitcoin adoption in the mainstream is likely to come from Lightning Network following its trend.


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