The Block Crypto Facing Potential Defamation and Libel Lawsuits

Research by Blockspectator  | 1 year ago
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The cryptocurrency news and research site The Block Crypto is being accused of plagiarism and public defamation by a well-known researcher in the crypto universe.

CryptoMedication, known via his twitter handle @ProofofResearch, is widely recognized on his many expose works within the cryptocurrency industry including the infamous ‘pump and dump’ scheme in which many prominent influencers originated to orchestrate the combined manipulation of individual tokens.

He has as used the platform along with Telegram to accuse The Block of unfairly copying his work without providing recognition, and as well as this is claiming the senior editors and writers of The Block have dismissed his grievances when confronted with the findings.

The issue has escalated over an article written by The Block writer, Larry Cermak, in which he provided further coverage relating to the ongoing QuadrigaCX developments.

A section of the article, all which have been published on CryptoMedication’s telegram, analyses how QuadrigaCX was using popular exchanges such as Poloniex, Binance, and Bitfinex to send ether to addresses from those exchanges.   

CryptoMedication states how he originally detailed the “entire process of how QuadrigaCX had been  funneling out Ethereum from their exchange straight to Bitfinex, and I identified those wallets for Mike Kalomeni.”

Mike Kalomeni is the co-founder of Elementus, a project which initially helped bring CryptoMedication to the attention of many key Ethereum and Bitcoin addresses about the QuadrigaCX investigation.

However, this partnership later turned sour, with CryptoMedication believing “Elementus purposefully impeded my ability to find out certain information about QuadrigaCX’s Ethereum addresses because they wanted to publish an analysis on Ethereum first for the sake of doing so.”

CryptoMedication further explains, again all via his Telegram, that the “entire article that ‘The Block’ published is supposed to be based solely off of unpublished findings from Elementus. Elementus never stated anything that’s in that article…anywhere. At all. You want to know who did though? Yup, that’s right…Me.”

Mike Dudas, founder of The Block, accused CryptoMedication of being “a complete and utter charlatan…,” to which he was met with a response of having, “absolutely no decency or integrity as human beings,” by CryptoMedication.

For full coverage and more screenshots of this heated dispute, please head over to CryptoMedication’s official Twitter and Telegram channels, to view all sourced and greater in-depth messages.

Blockspectator will also continue to publish any latest developments on the issue.