Theta Seems To Have Bottomed. Is A Price Surge Next?

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 4 months ago
Theta, Crypto
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Long-term accumulation is only practical when an asset is likely to gain value in the future. Theta (THETA) has proved, in the past, that it is capable of being profitable given enough time.

Those who invested in the project during the second half of 2018 got huge returns during the first quarter of 2019. At its peak rise, Theta increased by over 40% in value.

From the analysis of the chart above, we may be entering the accumulation part of the market cycle. This may be the best time to expand your portfolio.

Next-Generation Video Delivery

Theta is working on a service that will take video delivery to the next level. Given the attention streaming services are receiving, it may be a good time to invest in Theta.

Apart from the chart trend analysis, Theta’s products and services are in line with general market trends in the video delivery industry.

Further, Theta’s decentralized approach and customer reward make their platform even more appealing. The result is a platform where users benefit the most with content creators and platforms, earning more from their trade.

Theta’s business model is geared toward attracting more users. More users may translate to higher token demand, which will be profitable for Theta token holders.

Creating Meaningful Partnerships

To help with its growth, Theta has been partnering with complementary participants in the video delivery industry.

Recently, Theta partnered with Dlive in a move that will see Dlive reduce their content delivery cost by 50%+. The partnership demonstrates the value of Theta in the video delivery industry.


Featured Image Source: Theta Medium