Torque Ventures founding member a convicted criminal: crimes include drug and violence offenses

General News by Blockspectator News  | 3 years ago
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Stephen Ronald Bell, who is a founding member of the crypto Venture Capital group, Torques Ventures, has been revealed to be a convicted drug dealer with a string of previous offenses.

First revealed on the telegram channel, @shitcoinaddictofficial, an article by ABC highlights how Bell- who had previously been a soldier-  pleaded guilty to 15 counts of supplying a dangerous drug at the time of his hearing.

The article labels Bell a “wannabe gangster” and has a criminal background with a litany of charges.

He pleaded guilty to arson and fraud after attempting to claim insurance money back in 2014.

More disturbingly, in his late 20s, Bell assaulted a female in Caloundra and proceeded to urinate on her in public.

He managed to avoid jail, due to his sister working as a serving police officer at the time and provided references for her brother.

Bell was listed as a founding member on Torques Ventures along with seven other members.

Documents obtained by @shitcoinaddictofficial via the official Hong Kong company registry clearly shows Bell’s name is listed being as such. The images can be found on this telegram page or via the Hong Kong company registry website.

Torque Ventures are a VC company specializing in cryptocurrency projects. With partners including BitMax and Distributed Alliance, they describe themselves on their official website as:

“…having been on the forefront of the blockchain scene since 2017, supporting early-stage projects around the world. We provide support to our portfolio projects from our first day of cooperation: media exposure, events, and business development. We believe strongly in the principles of decentralization, which ultimately result in a positive social impact.”

According to Hypernum Analytics, the group has been involved in the funding of several projects in crypto including PolicPal, Certik, PCHAIN and Celer Network.