What Are The Fastest Growing EOS Sister Chains?

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 6 months ago
EOS, INSTAR, Insights Network
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Flexible, scalable, and user-friendly; these are the core attributes of the EOS network.

The EOS network has recorded speeds of up to 4,000tps, delivering a staggering 10 million operations in a single day.

Its attractive attributes saw developers build their platforms on top of EOS. These platforms are powered by EOS sister chains. The sister chains are powered by EOSIO software but have their native tokens used for resource allocation.

These sister chains are now outperforming platforms powered by other protocols and blockchains.

The Number One – INSTAR Blockchain

The INSTAR Blockchain, created by the Insights Numbers team, at this moment is the top EOS sister chain- with many reputable BP’s already having joined.

The INSTAR blockchain powers two market research platforms; Insights Network and INSTAR Wallet.

Judging from the team of block producers joining INSTAR, it is clear that the platform is performing well.

Block Producers such as Everipedia, EOSASIA, and Team Greymass are contributors to the INSTAR network.

Other Top Performers

EOS sister chains are performing well. Here are some of the top examples:


Telos is an EOS sister chain that aims to aid app developers. They plan on stabilizing fees and eliminating account creation cost in EOS.

Previously, the RAM market in EOS made it expensive to participate in the network.

Telos also plans on distributing voting power. On EOS, voting power is held mainly by those with numerous EOS tokens. Telos limits the number of its TLOS tokens that could be held by an individual account to mitigate the problem of centralization within blockchain.

Their efforts have made them receive adequate adoption numbers.


Worbli is a sister chain created for enterprises and finance.

The platform, unlike most sister chains on EOS, is highly centralized with registration requiring potential members to undergo KYC/AML background checks. Given the nature of its services, it’s no surprise that they took a more central, stricter approach.

In terms of performance, Worbli has been fairing on well. There is still a lot to be done, but the finance platform has come a long way to where it is right now.

Worbli also made some interesting partnerships with the likes of dCart, which may improve its performance even further.