Why This Crypto Aggregator Is Among The Best

Cryptocurrency by Blockspectator News  | 5 months ago
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There is no denying that there is an endless supply of crypto news websites and trading hubs. In their abundance, finding the right platform is challenging as there is a lot consider before one can choose to stick with one platform or juggle multiple to meet all their crypto needs.

CryptoControl, a website dedicated to delivering attempts to deliver a balanced, concise, and easy to use the website for the crypto community. The platform covers crypto news and trading.

Source: CryptoControl

Attractive UI

An essential feature of any website or platform is the first impression it makes on the user. For CryptoControl, its homepage is visually satisfactory. The theme is in simple colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Its layout also follows the same theme of visual attraction. Everything is strategically placed such that, at a glance, one can quickly know what the page offers. Headlines are in bold showing that they are the main attraction stories for the day with trending topics sitting right beside them for those who want to keep track with the latest in the crypto world.

At the top of the homepage, price movements of some notable cryptocurrencies are given. The prices update with every change the coin experiences during the trading period. Performance of the usual crypto suspects (BTC, ETH and the likes) are also displayed at the top of the homepage.

The overall layout of the platform has clearly emphasized a comfortable user experience.

Functionality And Convenience

The platform has several features that are of service to the crypto community. However, some of these features can only be accessed via signing up for the platform. Despite the requirement, the basic essential such as price watching and social media monitoring are all offered without signing up.

The signing up process is straightforward apart from a few bugs when advancing using Google. Now, signing up to the platform gives users exclusive access to some unique features, arguably the first to be seen in such a platform. Some of the features include:

  • Cryptocurrency news
  • Cryptocurrency signals
  • Latest market prices
  • Referral and Rewards system

CryptoControl API is a practical solution offered by the platform for users who need to sieve through tons of news articles daily. CryptoControl uses AI to sieve through thousands of news articles from different websites, giving results based on the requests of the user.

Furthermore, integration with CryptoControl is made easy through libraries, SDKs, and documentation. Platforms can easily integrate with CryptoControl to get the services they require from the hub.

Another interesting feature accessed via signing up is Crypto Terminal. As stated on the website, “Take advantage of market inefficiencies, minimize risk and yield excess returns. Turn knowledge into action, with news, data, and sophisticated trading tools.” Crypto Terminal claims to help traders improve their performance in different markets globally. The Crypto Terminal feature is available for download for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

There’s an additional requirement before getting Crypto Terminal; a survey has to be completed.

A Well Deserving Crypto Comfort

CryptoControl is essentially a reliable platform for any crypto enthusiast. It covers all the basics that the crypto community demands while offering their unique interpretation of a crypto hub through their Crypto Terminal and API feature. If working efficiently, this may be the talking point of the platform in numerous forums.

The website also features referral and reward programs likely in a bid to increase their participation and keep their existing members. Users earn ETH in these programs.

Lastly, the layout features an attractive color-coded section that allows users to quickly pinpoint which category of stories headlines and other articles fall into.


Featured Image Source: CryptoControl