COTI Surges Up: Can Fundamentals Continue the Pump?

Cryptocurrency by Sal Miah  | 4 weeks ago
COTI, Crypto
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Leading up to 2020, Coti (COTI) was on a dangerous downward path. However, the cryptocurrency saw its fortune change with the New Year as it started registering some increase in its value. In recent days, the price of the cryptocurrency has hit highs last seen in October of 2019.

It seems like the price surge will continue likely as a result of COTI’s fundamentals. The sudden change in trend may be attributed to its increasing relevance in the global market.

Tailor-Made Payment Solution

COTI understands the limitations that blockchain has. Thus, the platform improved on its shortcomings to create an ecosystem that is simple, easy to use, and efficient.

The goal of the platform is to provide a payment solution for businesses globally. COTI took note of the inefficiencies of existing payment methods such as PayPal and emerging ones basing their network on blockchain. Their platform is devoid of these inefficiencies, serving businesses seamlessly.

Growth Factors

Arguably, one of the fundamentals of COTI’s growth and price surge is the attempt to streamline its services.

More enterprises are considering the adoption of decentralized technology as a solution to a myriad of challenges they face.

Further, COTI addresses finance, a crucial factor in every enterprise. Allowing enterprises to build their payment solutions gives these platforms the freedom of erecting tailor-made payment solutions.

COTI can process all types of payments, including fiat and crypto. This has also helped increase its desirability among enterprises considering decentralized technology.

The COTI project looks set to continue in its upward trend. With its tailor-made payment solution and appeal to enterprises, 2020 may be the year for the cryptocurrency.


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