Litecoin Community Strongly Rebukes Latest FUD

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Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Litecoin is still suffering from FUD instigated by those who are against their development. In a series of Tweets, members of the crypto community came out in support of the cryptocurrency. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, also came out in defense of his innovation. He set the record straight on Twitter, clearing all the FUD with concise explanations on the misinformation being spread over the internet.

Litecoin Is Not Failing

Judging from some of the comments on Twitter, it seems that some people want to see Litecoin fail. Some have even gone as far as calling Litecoin a “fake Bitcoin” because most of its code resembles that of Bitcoin.

However, Charlie Lee came out with a clear explanation of what many FUD spreaders had misinterpreted.

  1. Commits were made in 2019

Contrary to what some believed, Charlie Lee explained how they released commits in May of this year. Litecoin accusers claimed that no updates had been made to its code. However, Lee explained that the updates were made, but they were just not credited.

According to Lee, the commits they made were credited to Bitcoin creators. He explained in his Tweet how GitHub credits creators of a particular code and why their commits were credited to Bitcoin creators.

He further explained why it seemed that Litecoin had not done any work in 2019. Because of the way GitHub functions, the commits made in 2018 and applied in the 2019 update make it seem as though Litecoin had taken a year off. This was one of the significant areas of misinterpretation and false information Lee had to clear.

  1. Future misunderstanding

Litecoin has a somewhat unique development practice that may confuse those who do not actively follow or understand how the platform works, mainly when citing GitHub.

  1. Apologies

Lee also gave his apologies through the Twitter thread. In the last Tweet, Lee promises to work better on his communication to the community, including providing frequent updates on various projects. This came after he explained why the MimbleWimble and Confidential Transaction development had not been announced.

Litecoin Plans On Being A Strong Project For A Longtime

After the explanation by Charlie Lee, it may be time that the internet gave Litecoin a break from all the FUD. In case you find yourself spreading Litecoin FUD, Twitter user Alan Austin has a guide for any Litecoin hater.


While Litecoin community manager Ilir Gashi also tweeted a comparison between BTC and LTC GitHub commits over the past year.


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